MIUI 11- 9.10.10/11

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2 Септември 2015

Изтегли от Sourceforge MIUI 11 Beta - 9.10.10

Изтегли от Sourceforge MIUI 11 Beta - 9.10.11

Тест на андроид 10 -
MI8Explorer, MI9SE, HMK20

Имена на моделите:

Инсталирате TWRP recovery през fastboot режим като ползвате командите от кода,инсталирате мултиром

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
fastboot boot twrp.img
TWRP recovery zip

Инсталиране през TWRP:
Изтеглете софтуера и поставете на вътрешна памет,
избирате ъпдейтър и от него влизате в рековъри (изключвате апарата,задържате пауър бутона заедно с усилване на звука)
Избирате инсталиране и посочвате зип файла(препоръчително е да изтриете кеш и далвик кеш)
след завървашне на инсталирането,изтриите кешовете отново,избирате рестарт.След зареждане на системата-направете отново рестарт.

Относно ромовете със заключенбуутлоудър:
- ако вече имате от устройствата при вас може да пратите заявка за отключване на bootloader-а на този адрес: Apply for unlocking Mi devices- след отключване на устройството инсталирате TWRP през fastboot режим като ползвате командите от кода горе
- инсталирате мултиром


New - Empowering the productive MIUI 11
New - Comprehensive design optimized for fullscreendisplay devices
New - Removing visual clutter, improving touch controls, and refining the use of color allowed us to create the system where nothing stands between you and the content.

New - Google feed in left homescreen

Ambient display
New - Ambient display now comes with gorgeous dynamic themes. Essential information is displayed on your screen 24/7.
New - Personalize your device with a unique signature.
New - Keep your screen alive with our amazing special effects.

Sounds of nature
New - Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature with our new alarm ringtones.
New - Notification sounds won't make you tired. Now, they keep changing dynamically, just like nature does.

Mi Share
New - Transfer files from phone to phone at breakneck speeds.
New - Mi Share works both on phones and computers.

New - MIUI allows you to cast videos, games, documents, and apps to more than 300 TV models directly from your phone.
New - MIUI's casting functionality allows you to hide personal items to keep all sensitive things private.

New - Print photos and files directly from your phone without installing any additional apps

Ultra battery saver
New - Use this feature to challenge your device to a whole day on just 5% of the battery.

More features
New - Tasks. Manage and edit your tasks in the Notes app. Receive timely notifications and mark things done.
New - Family guard. Control connected devices to help your friends and family.
New - Screen time. View stats and manage your time more efficiently.
New - Emergency SOS. Rapidly press the Power button 5 times to send an SOS message to your emergency contacts.
New - Quick replies. Reply to messages from any app.
New - Themes. Lots of free resources to make your device truly unique.
New - Autofill passwords. Store passwords on your device and use them whenever you need them.
New - Calendar. All your events in one place.
New - Security. Safeguard and optimize your device.
New - Game Turbo. Turn your device into an ultimate gaming console.

MI8Explorer, MI9SE, HMK20
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