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    Full changelog
    Important Bug Fixes

    - Fix - Face unlock option disappear when changing region to Thailand (POCO F1)
    - Fix - The percentage of battery has changed the location and It has become close with network type indicator (All devices)
    - Fix - Leaks application is installed automatically (All devices)
    - Fix - In the rotation of screen notification panel shows PM/AM first then time (All devices)
    - Fix - Rear camera error in hardware test (All devices)
    - Fix - Some app icons are not showing in notification panel (Redmi Note 5 (Global)/Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) )
    - Fix - Footer in whatsapp Notification overlapped with new message information (All devices)
    - Fix - Texts in volume bar do not translate to Russian (All devices)
    - Fix - Some characters in the volume panel are not translated in Russia (All devices)
    - Fix - Mi store does not work (All devices)
    - Fix - Volume panel displays abnormally (All devices)
    - Fix - "Private Messaging Settings" text gets cropped even with the lowest size XS (All devices)
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